Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

San Francisco Bay landmark that is the location for the final confrontation between James Bond (ROGER MOORE) and Max Zorin (CHRISTOPHER WALKEN) in A View to a Kill.

Having stopped Zorin’s plot to destroy Silicon Valley (See PROJECT MAIN STRIKE), Bond next faces Zorin himself. Zorin has captured Stacey Sutton (TANYA ROBERTS) and is making his escape in a getaway blimp. As the airship heads for San Francisco, Bond takes hold of one of the mooring lines, which transports him on a hair-raising excursion across the city’s skyline.

Nearing the Golden Gate Bridge, Bond is able to tie his line around the uppermost cable on the bridge—a maneuver that effectively immobilizes the forward momentum of the blimp. As 007 gains his balance on one of the bridge’s huge cables, Zorin comes after him with an axe. Fighting on the windswept surface is difficult, but Bond eventually gets the upper hand, and Zorin loses his grip, falling 700 feet to his death. Seeing his “creation” dead, Dr. Mortner (WILLOUGHBY GRAY) lights a batch of dynamite and prepares to fling it at Bond. But 007 is quicker. He takes Zorin’s axe and cuts the mooring cable. As the blimp suddenly shifts position, Mortner loses his balance and drops the dynamite, which explodes inside the blimp housing. While the remains of the blimp float gently to the water’s surface, Bond and Stacey stand tall atop the bridge’s highest rampart, with Bond breaking the ice with the comment, “There’s never a cab when you need one.”


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