Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Beautiful blonde scientist, portrayed by Tanya Roberts, who battles Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) in A View to a Kill. Since she’s in financial trouble, Stacey works as a geologist for the State of California, at the Divisions of Oil and Mines. However, there was a time when she was fabulously wealthy. Stacey’s grandfather started Sutton Oil in the San Francisco Bay area, where oil is pumped out of the unstable Hayward Fault.

As the first step in Project Main Strike, a plot to destroy Silicon Valley by triggering a massive double earthquake, Zorin has taken control of Sutton Oil in a rigged proxy fight. To stop her from challenging the takeover and convince her keep her mouth shut, Zorin offers Stacey the sum of $5 million. At his annual horse show in France, Zorin writes a check and gives it to Stacey—all of which is observed by James Bond (Roger Moore), who’s peering through the tinted window with trick sunglasses.

Later, 007 slips into Zorin’s office and photocopies the Sutton check, taking note of the huge sum. Posing as a journalist with the London Financial Times, Bond eventually sneaks into Stacey’s mansion, in time to thwart a gang of Zorin’s toughs who have been sent to pressure her into cashing the check and backing down. Ever the gentleman, Bond offers to cook her dinner and stand guard that night.


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