Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Francisco Scaramanga‘s (CHRISTOPHER LEE) unusual weapon in The Man with the Golden Gun. Manufactured by Lazar (MARNE MAITLAND), a Portuguese gunsmith, it fires a 4.2-millimeter shell weighing 20.003 grams. The gun itself can be disassembled into such innocuous parts as a ballpoint pen, a cigarette lighter and case, and a cuff link. Plus, he keeps a bullet in his belt buckle.

The golden parts were totally inconspicuous and allowed Scaramanga freedom of movement through airport x-ray machines and physical searches, which allowed the assassin to kill with surprising ease, as shown in the film when he disposes of Hai Fat (RICHARD LOO) in the latter’s dining room. The industrialist thought that Scaramanga was merely enjoying a smoke as he placed his lighter and case on the table. Little did Hai Fat know that a gun was being assembled under his nose and that a golden bullet would soon find its mark across the room.


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