Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Internal rotating screw that is part of the pumping apparatus on Max Zorin‘s (CHRISTOPHER WALKEN) San Francisco Bay oil facility in A View to a Kill. Tipped off by a Bay area fisherman (BILL ACKRIDGE) who claims that his crab fishing is being ruined by Zorin’s pumping activities, Bond (ROGER MOORE) takes an underwater swim to investigate.

Entering one of the pumping intake pipes, Bond is swimming toward the impeller when Zorin orders the system to be tested. Fighting against the current, which is rapidly pulling him toward the impeller’s swirling blades, Bond takes his air tank and successfully jams it into the impeller, shutting down the system. Zorin’s men retrieve the tank, which has been punctured by the blades, and reactivate the impeller motor.

When May Day (GRACE JONES) captures another underwater snooper, KGB agent Klotkoff (BOGDAN KOMINOWSKI), Zorin orders him thrown into the intake pipe where he’s sliced to ribbons by the impeller.


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