Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Lovely Japanese intelligence agent turned pearl diver portrayed by Mie Hama in You Only Live Twice. To make sure that James Bond (Sean Connery) has credible cover as an Ama Island boatman, she receives orders from Japanese Secret Service chief Tiger Tanaka (Tetsuro Tamba) to become 007’s bride in a mock ceremony. Backed by one of John Barry’s most romantic musical compositions, the newlyweds then row out to the pearl beds and blend in with the other Ama Island couples. Later, they follow the trail of two dead islanders to the Rosaki Cave on the mainland, where they find lethal phosgene gas and a route to an extinct volcano—where Blofeld (Donald Pleasence) has built a secret rocket base.

Note: Although the character was created by Ian Fleming, who dubbed her “Kissy Suzuki” in his original novel, and her name is listed in the You Only Live Twice credits simply as “Kissy,” she is actually never identified in the film itself.


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