Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Boozy drug runner, portrayed by Anthony Zerbe, who’s masquerading as the head of a marine genetic engineering firm in Licence to Kill. The weak link in the enormous South American cocaine empire of Franz Sanchez (Robert Davi),

Krest becomes the first target when James Bond (Timothy Dalton) launches his deadly scheme to avenge his mutilated CIA friend Felix Leiter (David Hedison), who was thrown into Krest’s shark pen by Sanchez. Bond makes repeated assaults on Krest’s Key West–based smuggling operation, eventually steals aboard his huge Wavekrest research vessel, and sabotages a drug run, destroying the cocaine and stealing $5 million of Sanchez’s money. That princely sum becomes the key to Bond’s plot to discredit and destroy Krest in Sanchez’s eyes.


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