Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Sinister SPECTRE agent, portrayed by Guy Doleman, who engages in an unsuccessful game of cat and mouse with Bond (Sean Connery) at the Shrublands health clinic in Thunderball. Working with SPECTRE assassin Fiona Volpe (Luciana Paluzzi), Lippe is assigned the task of getting a plastic-surgery-aided duplicate of NATO aerial observer François Derval (Paul Stassino) onto a nuclear bomber. Unfortunately for SPECTRE, when Derval is murdered, Bond finds the bandage-wrapped body at Shrublands and begins to investigate.

Bond starts to suspect Lippe’s involvement after he notices a telltale tong sign tattooed to his wrist. And the entire SPECTRE scheme to hijack the bomber is later jeopardized when Lippe tries unsuccessfully to kill Bond by sabotaging his motorized tracking table. For his bumbling, Blofeld orders Lippe assassinated—a job that is accomplished handily on the highway by a motorcycle-riding, rocket-firing Fiona Volpe.


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