Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

(a.k.a. Victor Zokas, a.k.a. “the Anarchist”): Murderer, kidnapper, terrorist, and specialist in “chaos” portrayed by Robert Carlyle in The World Is Not Enough. Renard kidnapped Elektra King (Sophie Marceau), the daughter of billionaire oil magnate Sir Robert King, and, with the help of Stockholm syndrome, enticed her to join him in his mayhem.

Having survived an assassination attempt by British intelligence, Renard has a bullet lodged in the medulla oblongata area of his brain. As a result, he has no feeling in his body and is impervious to pain. After joining forces with Elektra, this formidable killer embarks on his most ambitious plan: to steal plutonium from a dismantled Russian nuclear silo and deliver it to a commandeered Russian nuclear submarine anchored in the Bosphorus. When the plutonium is injected into the sub’s reactor, it will melt down, destroying Istanbul and the tanker waterway to the Mediterranean and ensuring Elektra King’s oil pipeline billions in new revenue.

Fortunately, James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) thwarts Renard’s plan by stealing aboard the sub and impaling him on his own plutonium rod.


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