Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

(March 23, 1911–June 26, 1982): Retired US Air Force lieutenant colonel who was a key production liaison on five James Bond films. Russhon’s involvement with Eon Productions began in 1963 on From Russia with Love when he secured some US military aid during location shooting in Turkey. The following year, he was instrumental in securing permission from the US Army and four other government agencies for the Goldfinger production crew to film in and around Fort Knox, Kentucky—when Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus puts the garrison to sleep. His relationship with President John F. Kennedy’s press secretary, Pierre Salinger, helped cement the deal (it also helped that Kennedy was a huge Bond fan). In addition to opening the doors to the base, Russhon contacted the Piper Aircraft Company and secured free use of a group of Cherokee monoplanes for the film. As an inside joke and a nod to Russhon, the film crew put up a sign on one of the Fort Knox airplane hangars that can be seen during the air raid sequence: Welcome, General Russhon.

On the next film, Thunderball, Russhon received $92,000 worth of free underwater gear from AMF. He also contacted the US Coast Guard, which participated in the final assault on Emilio Largo’s SPECTRE flotilla, and the US Navy aqua-para team, which jumped—free of charge—for the film. Russhon makes an appearance in Thunderball as a US Air Force officer who’s present when the home secretary (Edward Underdown) briefs the double-0 section in London.

On You Only Live Twice, Russhon once again served as military liaison in Japan, his old stomping grounds. He joined the film crew for the initial reconnaissance, helped secure key transportation, and was a tremendous help on the logistically complicated shoot. He was even instrumental in working out a deal that brought Sony products into the film.

After a six-year absence, Russhon returned to the series on Live and Let Die. He helped secure key cooperation with the New York Police Department during location shooting in Manhattan.


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