Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Lebanese belly dancer portrayed by Carmen Sautoy in The Man with the Golden Gun. She’s the ex-girlfriend of Bill Fairbanks (002), who was allegedly assassinated by Francisco Scaramanga (CHRISTOPHER LEE) in Beirut in 1969, although the bullet was never recovered. Saida actually wears the bullet as a lucky charm in her belly button.

James Bond (ROGER MOORE), on the trail of the mysterious Scaramanga, tracks the bullet to Saida and eventually swallows it during a fistfight in her dressing room with enemy agents. From x-rays of Bond’s stomach, Q (DESMOND LLEWELYN) determines the bullet’s origins—clues that lead 007 to Macao and to Lazar, the gunsmith (MARNE MAITLAND).


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