Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Incredibly shaped, breathtakingly beautiful prehistoric island located off the coast of China, in The Man with the Golden Gun. It’s in Red Chinese waters and is protected by communist observation posts.

Scaramanga‘s (CHRISTOPHER LEE) fabulous house is located on the island, along with the solar energy plant built by Hai Fat‘s (RICHARD LOO) construction company. The house contains a “fun house” maze, which Scaramanga uses to keep his marksman’s eye in shape. It also has a solar cannon, which later obliterates James Bond’s (ROGER MOORE) seaplane.

Outside is a beautiful inlet and beach where Scaramanga sunbathes with his lady, Andrea Anders (MAUD ADAMS). The same beach is later used for the duel between Bond and Scaramanga.

A solar energy panel is built into a large rock mass adjacent to Scaramanga’s house. It serves to fuel the solar cannon and every other electrical device on the island.

The actual island is called Khao-Ping-Kan and is located off the coast of Thailand, near Phuket. Filming was completed there in April 1974.


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