Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Officer in charge of the U.S. space forces in Moonraker. He’s portrayed by Michael Marshall. Transported in their only remaining shuttle, Scott and his laser-equipped space troopers are unable to find Hugo Drax‘s (MICHAEL LONSDALE) radarproof space station until Bond (ROGER MOORE) and Dr. Goodhead (LOIS CHILES) disable the station’s “cloaking” device. Their target’s position identified, Scott and his men dock their shuttle and participate in a hell-for-leather EVA space battle with Drax’s men. Victorious, the space troopers then invade and eventually destroy the station itself.

One of Moonraker‘s weakest links is the EVA battle. Although the quality of the special effects is fair, the battle involving the laser-rifle— equipped troops is boring. Like many battle sequences in countless adventure films, you can’t tell the heroes from the villains. It’s simply another huge set piece that was done in much better fashion in Thunderball and The Spy Who Loved Me. In attempting to compete with the successful “Star Wars” films of the late 1970s, the Moonraker producers forgot the sense of realism that George Lucas brought to his space epics.


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