Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Retractable blade weapons dipped in a lethal nerve poison and embedded in the shoes of SPECTRE agents Rosa Klebb (Lotte Lenya) and Morzeny (Walter Gotell) in From Russia with Love. Morzeny kills Kronsteen (Vladek Sheybal) with his, and Klebb attempts to kill Bond (Sean Connery) with hers. Fortunately, Klebb is shot dead by Tania (Daniela Bianchi) before Bond can be stabbed.

Interestingly, in Ian Fleming’s 1957 novel, Klebb comes after Bond with poisoned knitting needles. After she’s disarmed, Bond’s friend Rene Mathis escorts her out, but she manages to kick Bond with the poisoned shoe knife. Bond falls to the ground, and that’s how the novel ends—giving rise to the theory that Fleming had originally intended to kill off 007 in From Russia with Love and end the series there. Since Fleming was very frustrated at that time over below-average book sales and the failure of any Bond movie deal to materialize, the theory does hold some water.


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