Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

An Italian subsidiary of Drax Enterprises Corporation in Moonraker, its Venice laboratory is testing a nerve gas that can destroy all human life on the planet Earth.

Tipped off by documents he finds at Drax‘s (MICHAEL LONSDALE) California estate, Bond (ROGER MOORE) breaks into the facility by using the five-note Close Encounters of the Third Kind entry code, discovers the experiments, and actually uses the nerve gas on the scientists. Later, hoping to expose the facility to M (BERNARD LEE) and Freddie Gray (GEOFFREY KEEN), Bond discovers that Drax has entirely changed the composition of the laboratory, turning it into a huge drawing room.

Venini Glass’s public museum is also a setting in the film for a raucous fight between Bond and Chang (TOSHIRO SUGA). After disposing of Chang, who is thrown through an upper-story glass window, Bond finds additional clues that lead him to another Drax facility in Rio de Janeiro.


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