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Mission: Impossible Vault Scene

Do you remember the famous Mission: Impossible vault scene?  Ethan Hunt is lowered into the vault from the ceiling.  He must deal with alarms and sensors.  Where did they get that idea? SpyMovieNavigator.com examines this famous vault scene. The scene…

Goldfinger – On-Location in Miami – Oddjob’s ride with Mr. Solo to his “pressing engagement”

In the 1964 movie, GOLDFINGER, Oddjob leaves the Auric Stud farm with Mr. Solo in the back seat.  Mr. Solo thinks he's headed to the airport.  Oddjob has other plans. These scenes, which supposedly depict Kentucky, were actually shot in Miami,…

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Spy Movie Navigator tours the SPYSCAPE Museum in New York city

Join Dan as he tours the fascinating SPYSCAPE Spy Museum in New York City and interviews Ian Oldaker, the museum GM, as they tour the museum.   This is an interactive museum, not just exhibits, with lots of real spy gadgets,…

Goldfinger – Miami Iron and Metal Company

In Goldfinger, the car with Mr. Solo's body is crushed in a metal and iron scrapping facility.   It was his "pressing engagement".   Oddjob takes the crushed car back to Goldfinger to salvage the gold.  Today, this is the…

Licence to Kill – Basilica of St. Mary Star of the Sea

This is the church where Della and Felix get married in Licence to Kill.   It is where Felix and 007 parachute in for the ceremony after capturing Franz Sanchez. This basilica is located in Key West in Florida (US).

Licence to Kill – Felix Leiter House

This is Felix Leiter's house in Licence to Kill.  This is where Felix and Della's wedding reception is held and where Della is killed. This house is in Key West in the Florida (US) keys.   Notice the address marker…

Licence to Kill – Give Her His Heart

This is the house where Lupe gets caught with her lover in Licence to Kill.  It is where Sanchez tells his henchman to "give her his heart". The house is just outside the Sugarloaf Shores airport in the Florida (US)…


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