Thunderball (1965)

Contributed by: Spy Movie Navigator


THUNDERBALL – Eon Productions 1965 James Bond movie, featuring Sean Connery, Adolfo Celi, Claudine Auger, focuses on the hijacking of two nuclear missiles and the mission to recover them before one can be used to kill potentially 100s of thousands of people.


Join Dan and Tom as they take a deep dive into:

  • Things that surround key scenes, and key scene analysis and commentaries
  • Events that really happened in the world that influenced this film,
  • Influences of the 1958 movie, THE SILENT ENEMY
  • Other connections to movies and events


Join the fun in Cracking the Code of THUNDERBALL – some interesting reveals!  Watch the curation videos below for the full analysis!


Watch Part 1 of the discussion:


Watch Part 2 of the discussion: