No Time To Die Trailer Discussion – A Quick-Fire Look

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No Time To Die Trailer Discussion – A Quick-Fire Look

Join Tom and Dan in Cracking the Code of Spy Movies! Here we take a Quick-Fire look at the December 2019 trailer for No Time To Die and speculate as to what it all means.

Join Tom and Dan as they crack the code on the trailer for No Time to Die!

We’ll talk about the key scenes in the trailer.  We’ll see if they create interest and intrigue. And we look at “the bell”.  Yep, there is a bell we think might be important as well as a few other significant shots. See the clip here.

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We take a Quick-Fire look at the first trailer!

Lots of implications discussed, and initial reaction!


  • Who is 007?
  • Will Bond die?
  • Who is Felix Leiter chasing?

Join in the fun and discussion!


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