OPERATION BODYGUARD – Behind the Spies in Movies and Novels

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OPERATION BODYGUARD – Behind the Spies in Movies and Novels

Author and historian Rick Beyer joins Dan and Tom to discuss deception operations: Operation Bodyguard, Fortitude, and Ghost Army from WW II.


Your field operatives, Dan and Tom, talk with author and historian Rick Beyer about the deception techniques used in the war.  Operation Bodyguard and its sub-operation, Operation Fortitude, which helped win the war, are highlighted.  

Operation Bodyguard was an overall deception operation to assist the Allied Forces in World War II.  It is one example of how deception was an important part of the Allied success. 

Operation Fortitude was designed to deceive Adolph Hitler as to the location of the Allied invasion of Europe.  You know the landing came at Normandy.  Listen to find out the ruses and locations the Allied Forces used to keep Hitler believing that Normandy was not going to be the landing location. 

We also talk with Rick about a deception unit called Ghost Army of which Rick co-authored the excellent book, “The Ghost Army of World War II”.  Ghost Army deployed just after D-Day, so they weren’t directly involved in D-Day.  But they are the source of the inflatable tank. Listen to find out what that means 

Finally, we look at some of the spies who were involved in the deceptions, highlighting double agents who Hitler thought was working for him.   Without real spies, we have no spy movies or spy fiction!   

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You can get Rick’s book on his website: The Ghost Army of World War II | Rick Beyer

Episode Webpage: https://bit.ly/3W85SuA

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