Mission: Impossible II

In the second installment of Mission: Impossible, Tom Cruise returns to his role as Ethan Hunt.  So we know it will be tense.  Mission: Impossible II keeps the intrigue going.   Podcast coming out On 9/22/2020!

Mission Impossible II, Tom Cruise, Ehtam Hunt

Mission: Impossible II

In this curation of the movie, we talk about other movies as they relate to this film, and look for other connections:

  • The opening with masks!
  • Link to article about how they shot the rock climbing scene in the intro PLUS video of John Woo (director) discussing this scene
  • Meeting Nyah influenced by West Side Story – here we show a scene from West Side Story so you can see for yourself!
  • Bond definitely influenced this movie
  • No dialogue in scenes similar to scenes in other movies like The Spy Who Loved Me(Union Jack Parachute), Goldeneye (bungee jump off a 750-foot dam), Rififi and Topkapi
  • We need help finding a scene in another movie similar to the Stop Stumbling scene in M: I II!
  • Dueling motorcycles like a Disney scene in Lion King!
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Ethan Hunt leads his IMF team on a mission to capture a deadly German virus before terrorists release it.  Others, too, are seeking out samples of the disease, making the Mission more Impossible.  A gang of international terrorists headed by a turned bad former IMF agent already managed to steal the cure.   And now, they are after the virus as well, making the mission more impossible than probable.

But, we are in Mission: Impossible II, so we are expecting things to be tense, but resolved.    After all, we want Mission: Impossible III, right?

So, join us as we explore together the main video clips from the movie, and dive deep into how the movie is impacted by other spy movies.  Or, how will it impact the ones to come?   Why are we focused on integrating multiple spy movies even when we are curating a single movie?  Because many are connected to other spy movies, real events and more.  We are about podcasts, videos, and discussions – and you can participate in all!

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Curated Videos:

  • Opening Scene

    This sequence is really about a heist of a nasty virus called Chimera and its antidote, Bellerophon.

  • Intro – Rock Climbing Scene

    The title sequence shows Ethan Hunt rock climbing at Dead Horse Point in Utah. It is a visually stunning scene with the red rock formations with a person climbing them alone.

  • Mountain Climbing Behind The Scenes

    In this video, John Woo discusses the rock climbing scene

  • Meeting Nyah

    While at a party in Seville, Spain, a troupe of flamenco dancers puts on a show

  • Love At First Sight

    Here is the scene from “West Side Story”

  • Car Chase

    Ethan chases after her in a Porsche and calls her mobile phone.

  • Atrium Dive Scene

    This has a similar feel to MI1 vault heist the way he us tethered down to just before hitting the floor.

  • Just Stay Alive Scene

    In this scene, Ethan parachutes out of the building. It is interesting as there is a continuation of the score right before he jumps.

  • Stop Mumbling! Scene

    This scene is right out of another movie I can’t find.

  • Motorcycle Chase Scene

    In this motorcycle chase, there is a point when Sean Ambrose and Ethan Hunt jump off their motorcycles and smash into each other.

  • Disney anyone?

    Disney anyone? In this motorcycle chase, there is a point when Sean Ambrose and Ethan Hunt jump off their motorcycles and smash into each other. When I say this, my mind was instantly brought to the fight scene between Scar and Simba in Disney’s “Lion King”