Cracking the Code of Spy Movies – Podcasts
Cracking the Code of Spy Movies – Podcasts
Build-A-Bond Constructing the next James Bond

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Build-A-Bond Constructing the next James Bond

Dan and Tom build a Bond: Giving guidance as to what in the James Bond persona is needed for the next Bond actor.

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Dan and Tom decode the World War II spy thriller, EYE OF THE NEEDLE which depicts one of the deceptions from Operation Fortitude.

Author and historian Rick Beyer joins Dan and Tom to discuss deception operations: Operation Bodyguard, Fortitude, and Ghost Army from WW II.

Based on a listener request, Dan and Tom take a fresh look at the 1975 spy thriller, 3 DAYS OF THE CONDOR. Find out who the prey is.

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In this episode, SPIONE And Its Influence on Spy Movies, Dan and Tom look at how this 1928 silent movie shaped most spy movies to come.

SPECTRE - can this James Bond movie be defended? Dan, Tom, and Vicky uncover the positives and negatives as they answer this question.

Dan and Tom tell James Bond “You Only Live Thrice” and examine realistic ways the Bond series can continue after NO TIME TO DIE’s ending.

Dan and Tom decode the 1952 classic spy movie 5 FINGERS. Starring James Mason this is a fantastic espionage thriller, not an action thriller.

Dan and Tom held their first Chicago 007 Fans Meetup on May 9, 2024. Take a listen as they interview Bond fans about all things James Bond.

Dan, Tom and Raymond Benson chat with Maestro John Morris Russell about his Chicago Symphony Orchestra concert, “Shaken Not Stirred”.

SPY HUNT (1950) is a Cold War espionage classic. Listen as Dan and Tom are not of one mind as they decode this movie.


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