Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

According to the London College of Arms, it’s the ancestral home of the de Bleuchamp, a royal family that may or may not be related to Ernst Stavro Blofeld (TELLY SAVALAS) in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Blofeld is trying to lay official claim to the title: Count Balthazar de Bleuchamp.

Bond (GEORGE LAZENBY), posing as Sir Hilary Bray of the London College of Arms, insists that Blofeld journey to Augsburg, where the final research can be done. Bond knows that if he can entice Blofeld out of Switzerland, the British Secret Service can arrest him.

Unfortunately, even the best information from the London College of Arms can be incorrect. Blofeld later trips up Bond when he explains that the de Bleuchamp tombs are not located at Augsburg at all, but at the St. Anna Cathedral at Kirsche.


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