Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Captured 007’s (TIMOTHY DALTON) identity on forged documents that will allow him to leave Tangier for Afghanistan in The Living Daylights. Drugged by Kara Milovy (MARYAM D’ABO), who mistakenly believes him to be a KGB agent, Bond—disguised as a critically ill heart transplant patient—is taken aboard a Russian transport plane by Koskov (JEROEN KRABBÉ).

In Afghanistan, he’s incarcerated in the jailhouse of a Soviet air force base, where he’s charged with the assassination of General Pushkin (JOHN RHYS-DAVIES), whose death was actually faked by Bond and Pushkin to expose Koskov’s plot. Bond and Kara escape from the base, join up with Mujahedeen rebels, and discover that the renegade Russian general is planning a huge diamonds-for-opium swap with the Snow Leopard Brotherhood.


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