Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

The final resting place of boozy drug runner Milton Krest (ANTHONY ZERBE) in Licence to Kill. Located aboard his marine research vessel, the Wavekrest, the chamber becomes the repository of $4.9 million in drug loot that is stolen by James Bond (TIMOTHY DALTON).

As part of his plan to infiltrate Franz Sanchez‘s (ROBERT DAVI) cocaine empire and destroy the drug runner’s relationship with his key associates, 007 plants the money in the chamber as the Wavekrest is entering the port of Isthmus City. Tipped off by 007 that Krest may be a traitor, Sanchez searches the vessel and—to Krest’s astonishment—finds the money. Krest is then tossed into the decompression chamber, where he super-inflates and explodes. When asked what they should do with the bloody loot, Sanchez deadpans, “Launder it.”


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