Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

A wad of bills worth 200,000 rupees that saves James Bond’s (ROGER MOORE) life in Octopussy. Having taken Kamal Khan (LOUIS JOURDAN) for that sum in a spirited backgammon game, Bond joins Vijay (VIJAY AMRITRAJ) in a three-wheeled scooter that is immediately chased by Kamal’s bodyguard, Gobinda (KABIR BEDI), and his jeep-borne fanatics.

Fighting off the killers in a madcap chase through the crowded bazaars of Udaipur, India, Bond, at one point, is stabbed in the chest with a five-bladed knife. Fortunately, the blade catches on his wad of bills instead. Later in the chase, Bond further delays Gobinda’s pursuit when he causes a riot by throwing the entire wad into the street.


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