Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Corrupt California bureaucrat with the Division of Oil and Mines, portrayed by Daniel Benzali, who is on the payroll of psychotic industrialist Max Zorin (CHRISTOPHER WALKEN) in A View to a Kill.

When Bond (ROGER MOORE), masquerading as London Financial Times reporter James Stock, asks Howe about the potential danger of Zorin’s pumping of seawater into his oil pipeline, Howe assures him that it’s simply a method of testing the integrity of the pipeline for leaks. When geologist Stacey Sutton (TANYA ROBERTS) brings to Howe’s attention the fact that Zorin may be pumping water into the unstable Hayward earthquake fault, he fires her.

Determined to prove their theory, Bond and Stacey break into Howe’s office at City Hall and discover the details of Zorin’s Project Main Strike. Unfortunately, the two are discovered by Zorin and his bodyguard, May Day (GRACE JONES).

When Howe arrives, Zorin details how he’s going to frame Bond and Stacey for Howe’s murder. Alarmed, Howe says, “But that means . . .” after which Zorin shoots him.

Zorin’s assistants, Jenny Flex (ALISON DOODY) and Pan Ho (PAPILLON SOO SOO), then spread gasoline in Howe’s office and along the corridors. Zorin takes Bond and Stacey to an elevator, where they’re trapped between floors when Scarpine (PATRICK BAUCHAU) kills the power. Zorin then starts a fire from which 007 and Stacey make a narrow escape.


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