Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Soviet KGB agent and ex-ballerina, portrayed by Fiona Fullerton, who’s sent to San Francisco to investigate Max Zorin‘s (CHRISTOPHER WALKEN) oil pumping activities in A View to a Kill. While Bond (ROGER MOORE) and her partner Klotkoff (BOGDAN KOMINOWSKI) are battling their way in and out of an intake pipe, Ivanova is conducting a tape-recorded surveillance of Zorin’s conversation with his oil company chief, Bob Conley (MANNING REDWOOD).

Later, on the beach, Bond tackles Ivanova and realizes she’s an old adversary who once tried to seduce him. Getting into her silver Corvette, both agents retire to a comfortable hot tub at the Nippon Relaxation Spa, where they renew their acquaintance, serenaded by a Tchaikovsky cassette provided by 007.

Leaving the spa, Ivanova takes what she thinks is her surveillance tape and joins her boss, General Gogol (WALTER GOTELL), for a quick getaway. What they soon realize is that 007 has stolen their tape.


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