Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Traitorous Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) operative, portrayed by Everett McGill, who takes a $2 million bribe to help convicted drug runner Franz Sanchez (ROBERT DAVI) escape from the United States in Licence to Kill. Killifer accomplishes his mission on the Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys when he clubs the driver of the armored truck that’s carrying Sanchez, grabs the wheel, and drives off the bridge into the ocean.

Underwater, Sanchez and Killifer are rescued by divers and a minisub from the Wavekrest research vessel. Not only does Killifer free a major international drug lord, but he inadvertently causes CIA agent Felix Leiter (DAVID HEDISON) to be thrown to the sharks, and his new bride, Della Churchill (PRISCILLA BARNES), to be murdered. Avenging his friends, Bond (TIMOTHY DALTON) throws Killifer to the sharks, along with his $2 million payoff.


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