Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Huge SPECTRE assassin portrayed by Pat Roach in Never Say Never Again. Unlike the well-groomed character of Count Lippe, portrayed by Guy Doleman in Thunderball, Never Say Never Again’s Lippe is a simple killing machine who practically destroys the lower level of the Shrublands health clinic in his attempts to kill Bond (Sean Connery). Aside from his pure strength, his most terrifying weapon is a razor-sharp metallic belt that can cut through metal like a knife through butter.

Eventually, cornered in a specimen storage room, Bond manages to stun Lippe by flinging a beaker full of yellow liquid in his face. Losing his balance, the giant falls against a rack of glass laboratory instruments and is impaled. As Lippe falls to the floor dead, a glass tube sticking out of his back, Bond looks at the beaker and realizes that it was his own urine specimen that did the job.


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