Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Supervillain of the 1967 Casino Royale spoof, born on April Fools’ Day, and portrayed by Woody Allen. In reality, he’s Sir James Bond‘s (DAVID NIVEN) bumbling nephew Jimmy Bond—the son of Bond’s sister, Nelly—a British agent who was originally assigned to operations in the Caribbean, where he was immediately captured and nearly put to death.

As Dr. Noah, head of a powerful criminal organization made up entirely of beautiful women, he plans a twofold assault on mankind. First, he plans to assassinate every prominent world leader. His army of perfectly conceived robot duplicates will then take over their positions and report directly to him. Second, he’s going to unleash the deadly “Dr. Noah’s bacillus” – a germ-warfare weapon that makes all women beautiful and destroys all men over 4’6″.

Having failed to assassinate Sir James Bond on a number of occasions, Dr. Noah kidnaps his daughter, Mata Bond (JOANNA PETTET), with a huge flying saucer that takes her to his secret base near Monte Carlo. Meanwhile, Noah is busy torturing one of the female James Bonds (DALIAH LAVI). Boasting of his many weapons, he reveals to her an atomic bomb disguised in tablet form, which itself contains 400 tiny time pills. As each one explodes, it sets off a chain reaction that eventually leads to a nuclear explosion.

Feigning desire for and fascination with Noah, the lady James Bond accompanies him to his robot command center, where she manages to drop the A-bomb tablet in his champagne. Noah drinks heartily, swallowing his own bomb. Four hundred burps later, he explodes, taking virtually every member of the Casino Royale cast with him.


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