Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Organization assigned to make sure decommissioned Russian nuclear weapons are disposed of safely and securely in The World Is Not Enough. Unfortunately, Renard (ROBERT CARLYLE) has infiltrated this outfit through his accomplice Mikhail Arkov (JEFF NUTTALL). However, when Arkov doesn’t move fast enough in his task of recovering weapons-grade plutonium, Renard kills him. Another of Renard’s accomplices, Sasha Davidov (ULRICH THOMSEN), then takes his place, but he in turn is killed by Bond (PIERCE BROSNAN), who takes his place.

Are you getting all of this? In any case, Bond shows up at the nuclear silo in Kazakhstan, only to be exposed by American nuclear physicist Dr. Christmas Jones (DENISE RICHARDS), who claims the real Arkov is sixty-three if he’s a day.

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