Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Mild-mannered author and baccarat authority, portrayed by Peter Sellers, who is recruited into the British Secret Service and given the name of James Bond, in the 1967 Casino Royale spoof. A 38-year-old employee at London’s Buckingham Club, Tremble is seduced by Vesper Lynd (URSULA ANDRESS), a mysteriously wealthy temptress who owes the British government millions in back taxes and is herself working for Sir James Bond (DAVID NIVEN) to pay it back.

A self-confessed baccarat fiend, Tremble agrees to accept 100,000 pounds in backing from Lynd, to play against Soviet masterspy Le Chiffre (ORSON WELLES) in Monte Carlo. British Intelligence has determined that if Tremble can bankrupt Le Chiffre, who has been losing illegally appropriated Soviet funds, his own KGB will terminate him. Tremble accepts the assignment and goes through a training program at British Secret Service headquarters.

As part of Sir James Bond’s plan to confuse enemy agents, Tremble also becomes one of many British agents to be given the name James Bond, Secret Agent 007. Tremble’s distinguishing marks include a little scar on his right shoulder and a strawberry-shaped birthmark on his left thigh. He was born in Highgate, England.

Tremble beats Le Chiffre at the tables, but he’s later captured and tortured by the huge cardplayer. Eventually Tremble is shot by Vesper Lynd, who turns out to be a double agent (we think).


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