Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

A valuable weapon given to 007 (TIMOTHY DALTON) by Q (DESMOND LLEWELYN) in The Living Daylights. Invented for people who are continually misplacing their keys, the normal key-ring finder emits a high-pitched tone when a person triggers its signal—sometimes by a clap of the hands, sometimes by a whistle.

In Bond’s case, the key-ring finder has three functions. First, if 007 whistles the first three bars of “Rule Britannia,” the ring will emit a stun gas with an effective range of five feet, which will disorient a normal person for about 30 seconds. Second, if 007 offers a wolf whistle (highly appropriate for James Bond), a small quantity of plastic explosive will be detonated. Third, the keys on the ring finder can open 90 percent of the world’s locks.

The key-ring finder plays an important part in two key action sequences. In Afghanistan, Bond and Kara Milovy (MARYAM D’ABO) are about to be incarcerated in a jail cell, when Bond whistles “Rule Britannia” and disorients his guards with the stun gas. Later, in Tangier, Bond is about to be blown away by arms dealer Brad Whitaker (JOE DON BAKER), when 007’s patented wolf whistle detonates the plastic explosive behind a heavy bust of Wellington. The bust thereupon slams into and kills Whitaker, smashing him against a display case of Waterloo miniatures.


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