Mission: Impossible – Decoding the Pre-Title Sequence

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  A big part of the opening of the first Mission: Impossible movie appears to be designed to hook fans of the television show. Join Dan and Tom as they unmask and decode the pre-title sequence in Mission Impossible from 1996!  They look at how the tv show formula was used and changed in the making of this movie.

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Mission: Impossible (1996)

In 1996, Paramount Pictures and Cruise/Wagner Productions released the first movie of the Mission: Impossible series.  So, the first of the series is called Mission: Impossible and did not have a number.   We will call it here Mission: Impossible (1996) …

<em>Mission: Impossible</em>, Taking a Television Series to the Big Screen

Join Dan Silvestri and Tom Pizzato us as they delve into Mission: Impossible 1 and see what this franchise is all about and how it will continue to grow and challenge other spy movie franchises, like Bond and Bourne.

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