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Dr. No Poster  

Dr. No is Dr. Yes – Dr. No is the movie that launched the James Bond 007 saga.

In this curation (and in the podcast), we discuss things beyond the scope of the movie, and its interrelationship with other movies and events:

  • How events in the real world (Sputnik, the Cuban Missile Crisis) affect this movie
  • All the nuances and insights into the No publicity poster, including the sexual revolution
  • Mary Trueblood, Strangways secretary, was a local Jamaican, who owned the home the three blind men scene was shot in when they killed her
  • The birth of Bond. James Bond.  And a lead to a Dr. No Documentary which is excellent
  • Discussion of the Walther PPK stopping power and recommendations made by the real Boothroyd
  • First appearance of a “destructor bag” and Mission: Impossible treatment
  • The woman photographer who is first seen at the Jamaican airport when Bond arrives was Miss Jamaica!
  • All the Felix Leiters
  • Bond’s first car chase, and discussion of real-world versus movies for spies
  • Bond as an assassin and the brilliant integration of the song, “Underneath the Mango Tree.”
  • Dunn’s River Falls and location discussion
  • What makes megalomaniacs tick
  • Bond and his Bond Girls
  • The softer side of Bond
  • SPECTRE and the Duke of Wellington portrait disappearance in real life, and where it is in movie
  • Actual scene locations
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Here, Agent 007 (Sean Connery) battles mysterious Dr. NoAs we know, Dr. No is a scientific genius bent on destroying the U.S. space program.  Dr. No is a big YES to spy movie fans!   Here we will check out Dr. No curated clips, editorial insights and comments, podcasts, and relationships to other spy movies.  You have to love the movie that set the standard for spy movies to come!  EON Productions is brilliant in its first outing in 1962, and they are still going in 2019 and beyond!

So, as the countdown to disaster begins, Bond must go to Jamaica, where he encounters beautiful Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress).  And here he confronts the megalomaniacal villain in his massive island headquarters.  Dr. No forges new directions and paths that we have come to know and love in spy movies.  Let’s take a look, and remember, you can contribute too!  “Dr. No is Dr. Yes”  So, let’s go see why!

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Curated Videos:

  • Dr. No Title Sequence

    Dr. No, EON Productions first James Bond film based on Ian Fleming’s sixth James Bond 007 novel gets a big YES from movie-goers at the time of release in 1962, and has been a staple of Bond films every since.   Dr. No is Dr. Yes for spy movie fans, and new spy movie fans who are focused on Bourne and Mission: Impossible and more recent Bond films with Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, would enjoy going back to the first James Bond film, Dr. No, to which, we think, they will also say Yes!

  • Dr. No Intro Poster and Theme Song

    For Dr. No, this is one of the publicity posters used to promote the film and the theme song music first associated with the EON Production James Bond films!

  • Three Blind Mice and the Death of Strangways

    When he turns and opens his car, we find out a great deal about these three men. All three of the the men turn and shoot Strangeways with pistols with silencers.

  • Bond. James Bond

    This Dr. No clip is one of the most critical and important scenes in the entire James Bond 007 franchise The interaction between Sylvia Trench, in red, and James Bond at the baccarat table at Le Cercle at Les Ambassadeurs in London sets up the entire Bond.

  • Getting the Walther PPK

    Bond fans know that often Bond uses a Walther PPK pistol as his main weapon.

  • Bond Arrives in Jamaica

    Bond arrives in Jamaica and is suspicious about the driver who came to pick him up. He makes a call, while Felix Leiter watches.

  • Meeting Felix Leiter for the First Time

    Felix Leiter plays a major role in many Bond films to come (played by 6 different actors so far), but Dr. No is his first appearance and his first meeting with Bond.

  • Bond’s First Car Chase

    We have come to expect car chases and virtually any other kind of chase in spy movies now, and especially in Bond movies.

  • The Professor Dies – And You’ve Had Your Six

    In this important clip, we see the very tough and dark nature of James Bond – here, he is a cold-hearted killer as he tricks Professor Dent into thinking he, Bond, is asleep in the bed.

  • Honey Ryder and “No. I’m Just Looking”

    OK, Sylvia Trench was the first real Bond Girl, but Honey Rider is remembered as the first WOW Bond Girl as she walks out of the waters at Dunns River Falls in Jamaica in Dr. No.

  • The Dragon – Runs On Diesel Engines!

    Quarrel has talked about the island legend of a fire-breathing dragon on Crab Key and that is why no locals want to venture to this island.

  • Meet Dr. No and SPECTRE

    In this scene, Dr. No confronts Bond and we learn of SPECTRE for the first time – and we will hear about this evil organization in many EON Production Bond films to come.

  • The Downfall of Dr. No: No and Bond Go At It

    After escaping capture, and overtaking one of Dr. No’s workers and taking his has-mat suite, amazingly, Bond disrupts the interference with the American missile launch

  • Dr. No – The Beginning of the End

    The finale is grand of course, and Bond somehow manages to escape and with Honey Rider. And Dr. No is, well, No-More.