Licence to Kill




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  • Key West, Florida, USA
  • Otomi Ceremonial Center, Toluca, Mexico
  • Guerrero, Mexico

Licence to Kill

Licence to Kill, editorial content, 007, James Bond, spy movie podcasts, EON Production movies, espionage, Timothy DaltonLicence to Kill, released in 1989, was Timothy Dalton’s second and last appearance as James Bond, and Eon Productions 16th Bond movie. 

While on holiday on the Florida Keys, for Felix Leiter’s marriage to Della, Leiter is informed that a drug lord, Franz Sanchez, was entering US airspace – and the pre-title sequence, one of the best, begins with delaying the wedding in pursuit of Sanchez.

Sanchez, played brilliantly by Robert Davi, escapes and the rest of the movie is about trying to capture Sanchez and inflict revenge on him for killing Della and feeding Leiter to the sharks. Bond goes rogue and tries to avenge his friend’s injuries and wife’s death.   It is a simple story, played out beautifully in the Florida Keys, especially in Key West, and then in Mexico.  Infiltration, deceit, beautiful women who help, drugs, explosions, and fire!

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