Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

The amount of money that SPECTRE mercenary Angelo Palazzi (PAUL STASSINO) demands from his organization for impersonating an aerial observer and hijacking a NATO bomber with nuclear bombs on board. His original agreed-upon fee was $100,000.

Agents Fiona Volpe (LUCIANA PALUZZI) and Count Lippe (GUY DOLEMAN) agree to the raise, but Palazzi never collects it. He’s murdered by Largo (ADOLFO CELI) in Nassau.

It’s also the sum that James Bond (TIMOTHY DALTON) initially loses at the blackjack table in Isthmus City, in Licence to Kill. Having raised the limit to $5,000 a hand, Bond starts out slowly, but he eventually reverses his luck and wins $250,000.


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