Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

City, originally behind the Iron Curtain, where Bond (TIMOTHY DALTON) first meets defecting Soviet General Georgi Koskov (JEROEN KRABBÉ) in The Living Daylights. In helping Koskov across the border, Bond disrupts the assassination attempt by cellist Kara Milovy (MARYAM D’ABO).

In actuality, Kara is not a KGB sniper— she’s been duped by her patron/lover Koskov to help him convince British intelligence that his defection is genuine. Rather than kill the beautiful woman, Bond merely shoots the rifle out of her hand.

After Koskov is whisked out of Czechoslovakia via the Trans-Siberian oil pipeline, Bond returns to Bratislava to question Kara, who is being shadowed by the KGB. When Kara is arrested on a tram, Bond retrieves her cello case, throws her sniper’s rifle into the river, and returns the case to her apartment.

Now aware that Koskov has been spirited out of England by unknown parties, Bond poses as Koskov’s friend to determine if Kara knows his whereabouts. She gives him one clue: her cello is called “The Lady Rose.”

Thanks to Austrian Section Chief Saunders (THOMAS WHEATLEY), Bond later learns that Kara’s cello is an expensive Stradivarius, purchased at auction in New York by Brad Whitaker (JOE DON BAKER), a notorious arms dealer based in Tangier. Bond eventually breaks through several KGB roadblocks and spirits Kara out of Bratislava and into Vienna.


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