Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

By-the-book British Secret service section chief in Austria, portrayed by Thomas Wheatley in The Living Daylights. Responsible for aiding the defection of Russian General Georgi Koskov (JEROEN KRABBÉ) from Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, Saunders is upset when Bond (TIMOTHY DALTON) fails to kill a female KGB sniper (MARYAM D’ABO) who has Koskov in her sights. Bond merely shoots the gun out of her hands, then helps Koskov to a local substation of the Trans Siberian Pipeline, where he’s whisked through the pipes into Austria.

Returning to Bratislava, Bond later learns that the girl he saved was not a KGB sniper but the girlfriend of Koskov. Her name is Kara Milovy, and Bond determines that she might be able to lead him to Koskov, who has been mysteriously rescued from his hideout in the English countryside.

Meeting Bond and Kara in Vienna, Saunders secures special travel papers and identification for Kara. He also discovers that her cello was purchased at auction in New York by notorious arms dealer Brad Whitaker (JOE DON BAKER), who is based in Tangier. Bond resolves to take Kara to North Africa. Saunders, however, is murdered by Necros (ANDREAS WISNIEWSKI), an assassin working for Koskov.


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