Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Emilio Largo’s French mistress in Thunderball, and the sister of murdered NATO aerial observer François Derval (Paul Stassino). Portrayed by actress and former Miss France Claudine Auger, her nickname is “Domino,” which appears on her ankle bracelet.

Bond (Sean Connery) first sees Domino’s photograph in his official dossier for Operation Thunderball. Their first meeting is quite romantic, occurring underwater in the Caribbean when Bond gallantly removes her trapped foot from the coral. He gradually learns that she’s Largo’s unhappy mistress, and that she has no idea that he’s involved in anything criminal. Later, when Bond tells Domino that Largo had her brother murdered, she becomes vengeful. In the film’s dramatic conclusion, she kills Largo with a speargun.

Domino will always be my favorite Bond girl, and I consider her probably the most beautiful woman in the series. She also appears in one of the most romantic films in the series. Her encounters with Bond on Love Beach, in the casino, underwater, and at the Palmyra pool are all wonderful sequences that work particularly well with John Barry’s intimate musical score. And she’s dressed in a series of breathtaking bikinis and bathing suits selected by wardrobe designer Anthony Mendleson. Claudine Auger fills the role so perfectly, it’s no wonder producers Broccoli and Saltzman chose her over consummate English actress Julie Christie, another possibility for the part.


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