Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Bookish Trans Siberian Pipeline executive in The Living Daylights, portrayed by Peter Porteous (who was Lenkin, the jewel forger, in Octopussy), who is on duty at the Bratislava substation when defecting Russian General Georgi Koskov (JEROEN KRABBÉ) goes shooting through the pipeline in the internal scouring plug—the “pig.” To distract him, voluptuous pipeline engineer Rosika Mikios (JULIE T. WALLACE) unzips her coveralls and buries the supervisor’s nose in her cleavage.

The system goes haywire when Koskov’s pig comes shooting through, but the supervisor’s too involved with Rosika to realize a thing. Of course, when the pig is safely on its way to Austria, Rosika gets to her feet, zips up her coveralls, and yells at the supervisor, claiming she’s not that type of girl.


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