Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

The nickname given to the group of international gangsters who arrive at the Auric Stud ranch to collect the $1 million promised to them by the title character in Goldfinger. Gathered in the ranch’s huge rumpus room, they soon find themselves being lectured on the potential of Operation Grand Slam, the plan Goldfinger (Gert Fröbe) has formulated to rob Fort Knox, Kentucky. Every hood is given a choice: they can leave, if they like, with their $1 million, or they can participate in the robbery and come away with $10 million each. Impressed by their host’s plan, every hood agrees, except for Mafia kingpin Mr. Solo (Martin Benson), who wants to leave with his $1 million.

What the hoods don’t know is that Goldfinger has no intention of stealing the fort’s gold. He’s instead going to detonate a small atomic device inside the repository that will make America’s gold supply useless for fifty-eight years. They’re also doomed men, because no sooner does Goldfinger leave the room to provide Solo with his gold than his assistant Kisch (Michael Mellinger) hermetically seals it off and sprays Delta-9 poison gas inside, killing everyone.

To save on the cost of transporting international actors to the Auric Stud set at Pinewood Studios outside London, the producers cast the hoods with foreign-born performers already living in England, including Hungarian Bill Nagy (Mr. Midnight), New Yorker Hal Galili (Mr. Strap, and Canadian Bill Edwards.


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