Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

James Bond’s (ROGER MOORE) likable San Francisco CIA contact, portrayed by David Yip, in A View to a Kill. Lee briefs Bond on Max Zorin‘s (CHRISTOPHER WALKEN) local activities, including his oil-pumping operation on San Francisco Bay. He also introduces 007 to O’Rourke (BILL ACKRIDGE), a disgruntled fisherman who claims that Zorin’s pumping has ruined one of the best crab-fishing patches in the bay.

This information is enough to send Bond on an underwater visit to Zorin’s pumping station that night, where 007 finds himself competing with Russian KGB agent Pola Ivanova (FIONA FULLERTON). Ivanova has captured some key dialogue between Zorin and Bob Conley (MANNING REDWOOD) on a tape-recorded cassette, which Bond eventually steals from her after a steamy hot-tub encounter.

After Bond saves the life of geologist Stacey Sutton (TANYA ROBERTS), who is being pressured by Zorin into giving up her father’s shares in Sutton Oil, Lee joins his British Secret Service contact at Sutton’s house. There he’s strangled by May Day (GRACE JONES).


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