Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

British Secret Service agent, portrayed by stuntman Andy Bradford in Octopussy, who attempts to steal a counterfeit Fabergé egg from an East Berlin circus run by Octopussy (Maud Adams). Disguised as a clown and chased into the woods near the circus by twin killers Mischka and Grischka (David and Tony Meyer), 009 is climbing a bridge to freedom when a knife finds its mark in his back. He then falls into a flood control basin. Later, at a well-attended party at the residence of the British ambassador to East Berlin, 009 staggers onto the grounds with the knife still embedded in his back, smashes through a window into the ambassador’s office, falls to the floor, and dies—the captured egg rolling across the floor.

Another agent with the same numerical designation is assigned to kill kidnapper Victor “Renard” Zokas (Robert Carlyle) in The World Is Not Enough. He does shoot Renard in the head, but the bullet lodges in his medulla oblongata, killing him slowly and leaving him plenty of time to plot his revenge.


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