Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

(Cambridge, England, September 7, 1944— ) Top British stuntman who portrayed one of Kristatos‘s (JULIAN GLOVER) guards atop the Meteora in For Your Eyes Only and clown-suited Agent 009 in Octopussy. In the former film, Bradford was the guard who was shot by one of Melina Havelock‘s (CAROLE BOUQUET) crossbow arrows during the assault on St. Cyril’s. He spent four weeks in Greece, also participating in the fight in Kristatos’s warehouse and in the car stunts involving Melina’s Citroen Deux Cheveux.

On Octopussy, Bradford spent two weeks near Checkpoint Charlie in West Berlin, where 009 attempted to steal a Fabergé egg from the Octopussy Circus. Chased through the woods near the circus, 009 fought with the twin assassins Mischka and Grischka (TONY AND DAVID MEYER), took a knife in the back, and fell into the flood-control channel.  Interestingly, because he was attached to Alf Joint‘s stunt team, then shooting on The Keep (1983), Bradford was unable to return to the production to re-create 009’s fall through the British ambassador’s East German office window. It was completed by another stuntman.


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