Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Formidable twin assassins and circus knife-throwing experts employed by Kamal Khan (Louis Jourdan), portrayed by twins David and Tony Meyer in Octopussy. The twins are a throwback to the serious killers of the early Bond films (Dr. No, From Russia with Love), bringing with them a realistic element of danger. They’re introduced in the film’s most atmospheric scene—their night chase through an East German forest in pursuit of clown-suited 009 (Andy Bradford). Everything recalls the moody Renaissance Garden exteriors in From Russia with Love’s pre-credits teaser: the proximity of the border, the stillness of the forest, 009’s nervousness, the catlike grace of the twins. Even the bursting of one of 009’s balloons recalls the snapping of a twig by Grant (Robert Shaw).

Caught by one of the twin killers, 009 is wounded, but he manages to karate-chop the twin to his knees. Running toward a border bridge, 009 quickly climbs up the girder but takes a well-aimed knife in his upper back. Stunned, he falls into a flood control basin. The agent survives long enough to drop a Fabergé egg at the feet of the British ambassador. The twins return to the circus. Later, Bond (Roger Moore) exacts his revenge by killing Mischka in the circus car in Germany, where he drops the cannon on his head, and later, Grischka in the forest, where Bond skewers the twin with one of his own throwing knives.


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