Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Aris Kristatos‘s (JULIAN GLOVER) murderous henchman, portrayed by Michael Gothard, in For Your Eyes Only. James Bond (ROGER MOORE) first sees him at Gonzales‘s (STEFAN KALIPHA) villa outside Madrid—with the payoff money for the Havelock murders.

Tracking him to Cortina D’Ampezzo in the Italian Alps, Bond learns from Kristatos that Locque is actually working for Columbo (TOPOL). He’s wrong, but Bond doesn’t learn that until Locque murders Bond’s Italian contact, Ferrara (JOHN MORENO), and Columbo’s mistress, Lisl (CASSANDRA HARRIS). The truth comes out when Columbo captures Bond and brings him to his fishing boat.

That night, during a raid on Kristatos’s drug-smuggling operation in Albania, Bond sees Locque at Kristatos’s side. Attempting to escape by car, Locque finds himself looking down the barrel of Bond’s Walther PPK. He’s wounded, and his car goes out of control and nearly falls over a cliff. Bond sees him wedged precariously on the edge. He takes a white dove pin that Locque had left on Ferrara’s body—the symbol of Columbo, left to confuse Bond—throws it at the killer, and then kicks his car off the cliff.


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