Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Milos Columbo‘s (TOPOL) exotically beautiful mistress, portrayed by Cassandra Harris, in For Your Eyes Only. While dining with Aris Kristatos (JULIAN GLOVER) at Columbo’s casino in Corfu, Bond (ROGER MOORE) sees Lisl for the first time. Kristatos identifies her as Columbo’s mistress who often shills for the casino.

After arguing openly with Columbo and spilling wine in his face, Lisl leaves the casino, encouraging 007 to follow. Sensing a trap, Bond escorts- Lisl to her beach house, where he discovers that her Austrian countess pedigree is a sham—she’s from Liverpool. They make love, but in the morning while strolling on the beach, they’re jumped by Locque (MICHAEL GOTHARD) and his dune-buggy—driving henchmen, who run over and kill Lisl.


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