Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

A yacht owned by marine archaeologist and British agent Timothy Havelock (JACK HEDLEY) in For Your Eyes Only. Aboard the Triana, anchored in Corfu Harbor, Melina Havelock (CAROLE BOUQUET) witnesses the machine-gunning of her parents at the hands of seaplane pilot and Cuban hit man Hector Gonzales (STEFAN KALIPHA).

Later, using the Triana as a base of operations, Melina and James Bond (ROGER MOORE) pilot the Havelocks’ Neptune submarine to the hulk of the St. Georges surveillance ship, where they recover the ATAC computer. Returning to the yacht after their successful assault on Kristatos‘s (JULIAN GLOVER) St. Cyril’s aerie, Bond and Melina dive into the warm waters of the Aegean for a romantic, nude midnight swim.


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