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  • Spy Movie News – September 27, 2022
    Join us as we discuss Queen Elizabeth II, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, The Gray Man, James Bond, Blackbird, Section 8, Kandahar, and more.
  • Spy Movie News – August 30, 2022
    Join us as discuss the upcoming spy movies like BANG!, TRUE LIES, THE STRANGER, James Bond, Dr. Evil, Mission: Impossible, and more!
  • Spy Movie News – July 26, 2022
    We look at the August 2022 spy movie releases and at future spy movies such as BLACKBIRD, KINGSMAN 3, SICARIO 3, and more.
  • Spy Movie News – June 28, 2022
    In this article, our June 28, 2022 edition of Spy Movie News we discuss the July releases for spy movies, for both in the theater and streaming, We’ll look at some ongoing projects like Spy Kids, MR-9, and Face/Off 2. 
  • Spy Movie News May 31, 2022
    Here’s our May 31, 2022, edition of Spy Movie News where we discuss the June 2022 streaming releases for spy movies, Sean Connery’s DB5, and the upcoming movies The Gray Man, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part One, Freegard, The Good Spy, The Hunt, The Black Kaiser, and more!
  • Spy Movie News – April 26, 2022
    In our Spy Movie News April 26,2022 edition, we get some updates on upcoming spy movies look at some James Bond birthday fun, and more.
  • Spy Movie News – March 29, 2022
    Here’s our March 29, 2022, edition of Spy Movie News!  Today we will get some spy movie updates, some James Bond award news, more spy movies and old spy movies coming to streaming services, new Bond villains? the MGM and Amazon deal, Agent Game, Red Notice 2 and 3, The Outfit, Faceoff 2 and more! …
  • Spy Movie News – February 22, 2022
    Here is our Spy Movie News for February 22, 2022! We will discuss Operation Fortune:  Ruse de guerre, Awards nominations, upcoming spy movies such as: Heart of Stone, Cold Sun, The Bricklayer, Kompromat, new streaming spy series, The King’s Man and historical accuracy, and Mission: Impossible 7!
  • Spy Movie News – January 25, 2022
    Here’s our Spy Movie News for January 25, 2022!    Bond IMAX and VFX, Mission Impossible – really!, Blacklight, The Bricklayer, Conmen, Eraser: Reborn, The 355, Miénteme, Red Notice, To Catch a Thief, and more!
  • Spy Movie News – Dec. 29 2021
    We look at spy movies coming in 2022, The Kingsman series, Argylle, Red Notice, Mission: Impossible, Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre, The Duke and more!
  • Spy Movie News Nov. 30 2021 article: James Bond, Craig, Mission: Impossible 8, The King’s Man, The Night Agent, and More!
    Here is our Spy Movie News for November 30, 2021. We look at news on THE KING’S MAN, NO TIME TO DIE, RED NOTICE, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 8, and more …
  • Spy Movie News October 26 2021 – James Bond, No Time to Die, Red Notice, The King’s Man, more!
    Here’s our October 26, 2021, Spy Movie News: the latest on James Bond and No Time To Die, Red Notice , The King’s Man, Wife of a Spy, & more.
  • Spy Movie News – September 28 2021 – NO TIME TO DIE, M:I7, THE KING’S MAN, More!
        Here is our Spy Movie News for September 28, 2021.  Today’s we look at No Time To Die, other James Bond news, big Mission: Impossible news, and other upcoming spy movies.     WE’LL START WITH JAMES BOND No Time To Die Finally, today is the day of the premiere of the often…
  • Spy Movie News Article – August 24, 2021
    Here’s our Spy Movie News for August 24 2021!    Amazon and MGM,  Fast and Loose, Argylle, Mission Impossibe 7,  James Bond – say what?,  Martin Campbell, The Gray Man, and industry news!
  • Spy Movie News – July 27, 2021
    Here’s our July 27, 2021, Spy Movie News with news on Black Widow, Mission: Impossible 7, No Time To Die, Argylle, and IB 71, Daniel Craig, and more.
  • Spy Movie News – June 29, 2021
    Here’s our June 29, 2021, Spy Movie News with news on Amazon and 007, other industry news,  Ian Fleming’s golf course,  The Gray Man, No Time to Die and Regal Cinema marathon, Black Widow, Red Notice, spy movie watching opportunities and more!
  • Spy Movie News – June 1 2021
    Here is our Spy Movie News for June 1 2021!   Hot industry news as Amazon gobbles up MGM, Barbara Broccoli speaks out, James Bond and Marvel, Black Widow, Operation Mincemeat, Schwarzenegger a Spy?, Mark Strong and the Kingsman Franchise, Face/Off 2 and more!
  • Spy Movie News Article – May 4, 2021
    Mission: Impossible, Tom Cruise, Robert Pattinson as the next Bond?, BAFTA, Billion Dollar Spy, Kingsman: The Blue Blood, Mads Mikkelsen, Memory and more! We’ll examine all of these and more in today’s Spy Movie News.
  • Spy Movie News Article – March 9, 2021 – Mission Impossible, James Bond, The Gray Man, Agent Game & More
    In this edition of Spy Movie News, Dan discusses the upcoming Mission: Impossible movies, No Time To Die, The Gray Man, Agent Game, Boon, Killers of the Flower Moon, how to win a chance to get paid to watch all 24 Eon Productions James Bond movies and more!
  • Spy Move News Article Feb 16, 2021 No Time To Die, M:I 7, Disney, Streaming, Black Widow More!
    Here’s our February 16, 2021 edition of Spy Movie News with updates on spy movies and TV series, Black Widow , Mission: Impossible 7, No Time to Die, a Jinx script?, Tom Holland, Ralph Fiennes, a Disney studio shuttered, The Gray Man, Jack Ryan and more!
  • Spy Movie News Article 1/26/21: No Time to Die, M:I, Black Widow, The King’s Man, and More
    Here’s our January 26 2021 edition of Spy Movie News – a new spy thriller starts production, more Bond rumors and No Time to Die release date, Mission: Impossible robots, The Kings Man, Black Widow, Five Eyes, Red Notice, Industry News, and more!……  Let’s go! Listen to this as a podcast here! NO TIME TO DIE No Time to…
  • Spy Movie News – January 12, 2021
    Here’s our January 12, 2021 edition of Spy Movie News with Mission: Impossible 7, The 355 . . . lots of James Bond and 007 news, AMC movie theaters and more!
  • Spy Movie News Article Dec 29, 2020 MGM for Sale, NTTD, Mission: Impossible rant, The Survivalist, Tenet Costumes & More!
    Here’s our December 29, 2020 edition of Spy Movie News with MGM maybe looking for a sale, No Time to Die title song, James Bond comic, Mission: Impossible spaced-out?, The Tom Cruise rant,  Jet-Pack man on video, Tenet, The Gray Man, Black Widow,, The King’s Man, The Survivalist, Red Notice and a couple of memorials. Let’s go! We have this article available as a podcast if you would rather listen…
  • Spy Movie News Dec 8 2020 Article: NTTD, WarnerMedia, Women Spies, M:I, a Real James Bond, Black Widow, The 355
    Here’s our December 8, 2020 edition of Spy Movie News with more lots of theater news as WarnerMedia drops a bombshell, Women as leads in Spy Movies in 2021, James Bond updates, Dr. No prop sells for over a quarter of a million dollars, Black Widow and  Mission: Impossible and more!  If you would rather listen to the podcast, click here! WARNERMEDIA WITH MAJOR…
  • Spy Movie News Article – November 24 2020
    This mid-November edition of Spy Movie News discusses news on the spy movies NO TIME TO DIE, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 7 & 8, RED NOTICE, and more.
    Here’s our Special October 27 2020 edition of Spy Movie News where we’ll look at Mission: Impossible news,  will No Time to Die to Stream??, the No Time to Die Sound track.  Jetpacks seen flying in Los Angeles?  And more!     NO TIME TO DIE MIGHT STREAM!    We’ll start out with a quick discussion…
  • Spy Movie News Article: Oct 3 2020 – NO TIME TO DIE Delay & Fan Reactions
    NO TIME TO DIE got delayed again. We discuss this and fan reaction in our Spy Movie News October 3 2020 Special Edition.
  • Spy Movie News Article for Oct 1 2020 – No Time To Die!
    Lots of news on No Time to Die this period, so this entire episode is devoted to it – looking release date strategies, The Official James Bond Podcast launch Billie Eilish, Ana de Armas and more!
  • Spy Movie News Article -Sept 24 2020 : Black Widow, Mission Impossible, No Time To Die, Pinewood Studios, Red Notice, More!
    Here’s our September 24th, 2020 edition of Spy Movie News with latest updates on BLACK WIDOW, Tom Cruise in space, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 7, the “Mission: Impossible Theme”, RED NOTICE, NO TIME TO DIE, Pinewood Studio news, and Lashana Lynch.  
  • Spy Movie News Article – Sept 15 2020: RED NOTICE, FIVE EYES, M:I 7, THE DUKE, TENET, NTTD
    Here’s our September 15 2020 edition of Spy Movie News with the latest updates on Mission: Impossible 7, Red Notice, Five Eyes, TENET, The Duke, NO TIME TO DIE, and some Idris Elba and spy industry news.  Listen to the Podcast here MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 7 Let’s start with some Mission: Impossible 7 news. We know that Tom…
  • Spy Movie News Article – Sept 1 2020: NO TIME TO DIE., M: I 7, TENET, THE KING’S MAN
    Here’s our September 1st, 2020, edition of Spy Movie News where we are Cracking the Code of Spy Movies with the latest updates on TENET, Mission: Impossible 7, and NO TIME TO DIE,  plus we look at some industry trends.
  • Spy Movie News – Tenet, The King’s Man, Black Widow, & Red Notice – 8/11/2020 Update
    This article will update the status of the movies The King’s Man, Tenet, Black Widow, and Red Notice.  We last talked about these movies our related article inApril. We’ll also look at a couple of industry changes that will likely have an impact on movie going for the foreseeable future.

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