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After successfully blowing up a drug lab in Central America, Bond needs a vacation.   So he heads to the Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach, Florida in the USA.  And so begins the Goldfinger – James Bond 007 saga.

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We break down the movie, discussing the film and how it either was influenced by or influenced real-life events or other movies in this podcast.


In this curated movie section (and in the related podcast), we look at it as it related to other bond films before and after, and to many subtleties:

        • The pre-title sequence when Bond removes the wet suit and is in a tux – discussion of the real-life similar event!
        • The title sequence has flashbacks to No and From Russia With Love
        • Goldfinger publicity poster discussed!
        • Always in Gold!
        • Villain’s Megalomaniacal behavior – in Goldfinger, Dr. No and From Russia With Love
        • Other movies mentions; The Man with the Golden Gun, Live and Let Die, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, Diamonds Are Forever
        • SpyMovieNavigator on location at Stoke Poges Club (where Goldfinger and Bond golf). Photos!
        • The tender side of Bond revealed again
        • The laser versus table saw
        • The three things Goldfinger loves about gold
        • Meeting Pussy and Goldfinger’s Lockheed notes
        • The ruthlessness of Goldfinger
        • Oddjob and Bond
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This is where Felix Leiter, a CIA agent who Bond is now friends with, tells him of a guy named Goldfinger.   He is involved with smuggling gold.  James Bond must monitor Goldfinger and find out what is going on.  So, he begins his investigation.  Discovering a secret plan that involves the gold in Ft. Knox, Kentucky, where the United States of America keeps its main gold supplies, drives Bond to his espionage limit.

As additional content, our related current on-site film location videos for Goldfinger, and related Goldfinger podcasts will add additional insight into this fabulous movie.  So, check them out!  Going head-to-head, Goldfinger – James Bond 007 is a great dueling match!

Based on Ian Fleming’s seventh novel (March 23, 1959),  EON Productions made this their third James Bond 007 movie (1964).   And we see the introduction of the Aston-Martin DB5,  which became the iconic James Bond car.  And, many consider this one of the best James Bond 007 films ever made, and we agree.

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Primary Location:
  • Miami, Florida (USA), United Kingdom, Switzerland

Curated Videos:

  • Goldfinger Pre-Title Sequence

    Goldfinger – Pre-Title Sequence – This, in Goldfinger, is exciting and mysterious.   It opens with a dark, night scene of some buildings then pans to the water.  In the water we see a bird, then Bond emerges and the bird turns out to be part of his scuba headgear – in case anyone was watching.  […]

  • Goldfinger Title Sequence

    Goldfinger Title Sequence – This title sequence highlights various scenes we will see in the movie (much like the Mission Impossible television series did around the same time).  Here, Shirley Bassey sings the title theme song.   The simple beauty of this title sequence carries the gold theme throughout.  Similarly, Goldfinger carries the gold theme throughout […]

  • Goldfinger – Fontainebleau Scene, Miami Beach

    Goldfinger – Fontainebleau Scene, Miami Beach – This scene, which is shot supposedly at the Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach (in Florida in the US), was indeed partially shot at the Fontainebleau.

    Felix Leiter is briefing Bond on Auric Goldfinger in this scene, and Bond, when hearing Auric Goldfinger’s name says, “sounds like French nail varnish.”  […]

  • Goldfinger – The Golden Girl

    Goldfinger – The Golden Girl – While Bond has won over Jill Masterson, was he naïve enough not to think that Goldfinger would retaliate?  We assume they went out to dinner, as he had suggested, and then back to his room to make love and have fun.   This clip picks up when Bond is recovering […]

  • Goldfinger and Bond Golfing at Stoke Poges

    Goldfinger Golf Scene

    Goldfinger & Bond at Stoke Poges – This clip is about 5 ½ minutes long, but it highlights what will become the mission for the rest of the film.   It establishes Bond as a person of interest for Goldfinger since he has access to some rare gold bars.  This clip is not the […]

  • Goldfinger – DB5 Car Chase

    Goldfinger – DB5 Car Chase

    This clip highlights three things: the DB5 and its gadgets, and the death of Tilly Masterson at the hands (hat) of Oddjob, and an emotional Bond, as we saw in Dr. No.

    It is rumored that the producers wanted to use a Jaguar, but Jaguar refused to provide cars for the film.   […]

  • Goldfinger – “No Mr. Bond I expect you to die!”

    Goldfinger – “No Mr. Bond I expect you to die!”

    After the car crash, and after Tilly Masterson, Jill Masterson’s sister, is killed by Oddjob, Bond now is in Goldfinger’s control.   He finds himself strapped to a metal table, as Goldfinger is about to demonstrate his laser beam.  Here in the film, the laser beam is […]

  • “I must be dreaming”

    In Goldfinger, Bond meets Pussy Galore on Goldfinger Lockheed. “I must be dreaming.” We analyze the scene, look at some facts, and insights.

  • Goldfinger Reveals Operation Grand Slam Plan to Mob Bosses

    Goldfinger reveals Operation Grand Slam to Mob Bosses

    At Goldfinger’s Kentucky stud farm, Goldfinger reveals his plan to target Fort Knox to the American mobsters in attendance, who each ponied up $1 million in gold to participate in the plan.

    The Set of Goldfinger’s Play Room

    Ken Adam outdoes himself with this set, as it is a fabulous, […]

  • Goldfinger – Car Tailing Scene and Iron and Metal Yard

    We look at the meaning of the scene in Goldfinger when Oddjob drives Mr. Solo to the airport with a stop off at the metal and iron yard.

  • Goldfinger – Real Fort Knox Plan Revealed

    Fort Knox plan revealed – The scene is very comfortable, where Bond is not in immediate danger, and where Bond figures out the Fort Knox plan.    The setting is very idyllic on Goldfinger’s stud farm, with a breeze blowing, beautiful sunshine and lighting, and both Goldfinger and Bond enjoying a mint julep.

    A mint julep is […]

  • Assault on Fort Knox – Goldfinger Scene Examined

    Goldfinger – the Assault on Fort Knox – examining the scene and connections to other spy movies

  • Goldfinger – Bond versus Oddjob at Fort Knox

    Goldfinger – Bond versus Oddjob at Fort Knox scene examined

  • Goldfinger Plays His Golden Harp

    Goldfinger Plays Golden Harp – A little pomp and circumstance here as Leiter briefs Bond that the President of the United States wants to thank him. Bond ascends the stairway leading to the plane.  Watch as he walks right past the cockpit, which seems open.  You can see light shining in through the cockpit windows.  […]